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new book from Sonya Sones

Sonya Sones was kind enough to send me an ARC of WHAT MY GIRLFRIEND DOESN'T KNOW, the sequel to WHAT MY MOTHER DOESN'T KNOW. It arrived in the mail today and started a near riot between Corrie and Natalie who immediately began to argue over who got to read it first. That was an easy one to settle: I got to read it first. So, after dinner I settled in for a read.

In this sequel, readers pick up where the first novel ended: Sophie and Robin have realized that they like each other. Over the winter break, they fall in love. When school is back in session, Robin and Sophie do not hide their feelings. Neither do Sophie's friends who are appalled that she would even be caught with such a loser as "Murphy." Robin and SOphie attempt to ignore the jibes and remarks of others, but it does begin to take its toll on them both. The course of true love cannot possibly run smoothly, and Sones is not one to fall into a convenient trap. Sophie and Robin must find their way past what others think if their relationship is to have a chance to develop. Sones' story, a novel in verse, moves quickly through the vagaries of high school cliques and first love to tell a story that is immediate and thoughtful.

Now I am going to throw in into the kids' room and let them fight over who gets to read it next. What a cruel thing to do, right? No cover was available at the usual sources.
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