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From across the pond

A recent article in The Guardian talks about how to encourage readers. Here is the link of the top tips from teachers: It is a nice coincidence or confluence that today I finished a presentation on Naked Reading for an upcoming visit to west Texas. I had slides that talked about most of the points being made in the article.

I talked about reading challenges in terms of reading for charity. Kids will read books to help raise funds for a cause. This is a little different from challenges because it is not about who wins or gets the most points. Instead it is about reading to help out someone else. I rather like the social justice aspect here. When I taught middle school I would encourage kids to do the MS Read-a-thon. My grandfather had MS and I would talk to the kids about his life and his struggles with the disease. It was optional for them to participate, but I wanted them to have the chance to do so if they wanted.

Having teacher share their favorite books and read aloud from them is an excellent idea. Even better is having teachers read kids' favorite books. I love when I am somewhere and someone comes to me to suggest a book for me to read. I always make a note and will track down the title and give it a go. I also read the children's and YA choices booklists and attempt to read from those lists as well. I tis important for me to model, but it si also important for me to read as widely as I can.

Reading walls are a great way to share out what we are all reading. Karin Perry and I post to the wall outside of our offices. She prints out full book covers; I do lists. But we are posting and filling up the spaces we have. Karin has posts on her door letting people know what she is reading and listening to. We believe in making sure anyone who visits our offices knows immediately that we are about books and reading.

Certainly we could suggest other tips. But is is lovely to see our UK counterparts are concerned about motivating readers as well.
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