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listening in the new car

So I finally managed to buy a new car over the holiday break. The old van was getting ready to cost some more money for repairs and had 92,000+ miles on it. The time had come for something with less wear and tear. Can I just say how much I hate the process of buying a new car. I adore new cars; I just hate being treated poorly until the salesperson runs a credit check and discovers that I actually can buy a new car with no trouble.

In any event, part of the joy of the new car is spending time listening to audio. I listened recently to LIZZIE BRIGHT AND THE BUCKMINSTER BOY, the Newbery and Printz honor from a couple of years ago. Once again, I was transported back to Malaga Island with Lizzie Bright and the son of the new preacher, Turner Buckminster. Once again, I was moved to tears by the events of the story. Once again I was impressed by the way Schmidt made me care about people in a different place and time.

All this is in preparation for my new ALA committee assignment as one of the members of the newly formed Odyssey Committee. Our chair is warning us of the listening load and I am rejoicing at the same thing. I am taking the audio of the new Newbery winner on the road with me this next week.

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