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Shock and Awww!

“Currently (in Oakland), it’s possible to enter kindergarten and graduate high school never having gone to a school that has a library,” Mayo Gallagher said. This quote from an article about the disappearance of school libraries and librarians is haunting. I am aware of the fact that California opted to eliminate (by not funding) school librarisn twice in the past several decades. More details about that situation are in this article:

What haunts me here is that we know access to books is critical. If kids do not have access at school or at home, how will ever keep them connected to books and reading?

This is happening in too many schools in too many states. Despite research evidence that shows correlations between test scores and a certified librarian with an adequate collection, districts are opting to spend funds on other things. Partly, I think, some administrators just do not know or see the value of a school library and a certified librarian. They do not know what the work of the school librarian IS. There are the stereotypes: Marian the Librarian, the shusher, the keeper of the stacks. And then there is the reality: the book talker, the motivator, the resource finder, the reading guide, the reference expert, the tech guru, and more.

I hold you are in a school which has access to a terrific collection and someone who collaborates with you throughout the year.
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