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what your kids may or may not be reading (redux)

This piece from CNN online does not tell the entire story: This is not the only piece that ran about the CBC Choices that did not gather all the facts. NPR ran a piece, so did many newspapers. I appreciate that there are many folks out there who might not know the history of the Children's Choices program. I do. I have participated in and even coordinated the choices programs through the International Reading Association (IRA).

The Children's Choices program, the original joint venture of IRA and CBC (Children's Book Council) did not include a second round of voting. Initially, the Children's Choices solicited the votes of thousands of children across the US who read from a pre-selected list of books submitted by publishers. Coordinators in each regions (North, South, etc.) collected the ballots, tallied them, and sent them on to headquarters who then tallied the totals from the various regions. Here is the fact sheet from IRA: Here is the list of titles kids voted as their favorites:

Several years ago, the CBC added another layer to the program. They took bestselling books and added those to the books already selected as winning titles by the kids. And that additional layer is what caused quite some upset when this year Rush Limbaugh won AUTHOR OF THE YEAR from this new addition to the program. Limbaugh's book was never voted on through the choices program. That came when his book was added due to its bestseller status. And there is some question about whether or not it was the votes from the kids that made him the AOTY.

At this point, I do not care what machinations might have been involved. I simply want to say once and for all that the kids' voting results are on the list above ( So, please dear journalists, get the facts, all the facts. And, please dear CBC, let's try to eliminate the bestselling books aspect, especially when said books are not necessarily books for children or books written by those who know children or children's books (or even history).
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