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Big Fat Liars!

Got your attention, didn't I? Two recent reports demonstrate some of the flaws of CCSS. I have seen some assert that there is nothing wrong with standards in and of themselves. Thus, they criticize CCSS only for the new round of tests they have created (and a short conversation with my sister from California confirms that these tests are causing disruptions, taking more time out of the days left in the school year, and yielding results that, while not official, are horrifically distressing to all). I just cannot agree. I wish to throw the baby out with the bath water, if you pardon that rather problematic allusion.

Lately, it seems as though there is more criticism of the standards themselves. The Huffington Post ran this article: talking about the pseudoscience behind the CCSS. Here is my favorite takeaway from a professor at Hofstra University: "Maybe we just need a new Common Core high-stakes testing logo. COMMON CORE $TANDARD$ lead to COMMON CORE LE$$ON$ leading to COMMON CORE A$$E$$MENT$ and back to COMMON CORE $TANDARD$ in an endless loop surrounding Pearson and the other companies that make money by marketing Common Core." But it is more than the testing as this piece discusses.

The second piece is about the education of teachers: Pearson has, of course, its own solution to how students should be prepared to become teachers. It is rather frightening, but this piece does a good job of debunking what has been proposed. While it centers on edTPA, it could easily be applied to other "programs" being offered to better prepare teachers of tomorrow. I like to think of those teachers as Stepford Teachers if Pearson and NCTQ and other reformers have their way.

I hope we continue to see these thoughtful and detailed analyses and, ultimately, rejections of canned programs and canned standards find their way into mainstream media. It is time for us to SpeakLoudly or suffer the loss of any voice whatsoever.
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