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Young at Heart

John Green answers the age old question (okay not that old) about whether or not we grow too old to read YA books. Here is the link: Simple answer? We are not too old to enjoy books for younger readers. He points to the work of several authors including Sarah Dessen, Laurie Halse Anderson, and Marie Lu. Honestly, he could have pointed to Walter Dean Myers, Robert Cormier, and Andrew Smith among dozens if not hundreds of others. The truth is, a good YA novel transcends an audience age range. Just as many younger readers dive into adult books early, some of us older readers love YA and children's books. Just last week there was a discussion about some 7th graders who asked if they could read CHRISTINE for their leisure reading choices.

I read very little adult literature. Partly that is because my job does demand that I have a deep knowledge about literature for children and young adults. I do dip into the adult world from time to tome. I read Stephen King. Recently, I read an adult book by my friend, David Gill. Both of these authors has appeal for teens; David has written a handful of novels for YA readers. I would rather immerse myself in THE FOURTEENTH GOLDFISH by Jenni Holm or a new picture book by Lois Ehlert than pick up some of the bestsellers for adult readers/ And i see I am not along any time I am on an airplane or sitting in a doctor's office. I know I am not alone.

As John Green notes: "It's not like we stop needing the comfort and help that a good story can bring when we graduate from high school. I am still looking for answers to questions about the meaning of life. I am still trying to fathom the wondrous strangeness of love. I am still trying to make my way through life despite heartache and loss."
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