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Good News!

So often, censors will argue that allowing a reader access to books with language, violence, sexual content and the like will cause irreparable damage to the reader. As it turns out, we actually have some research to refute that. Never mind that I did not morph into a governess who lived in a Gothic home who fell in love with someone who looked a lot like Fabio from the cover art or that there are not millions of kids running around with wands shouting ACCIO!

Here is the article that ran last week: A study of Texas teens "found no connection between reading edgy books and mental health issues or delinquent behavior." Indeed, the converse was true with these kids: they were more likely to be involved in as volunteers in their community.

The concluding paragraph contains a sentiment I have often shared with others when discussing banned books and whether readers should be permitted to read books with edgy or dark content: “Consuming edgy material … may provide teachable moments to discuss ethical issues between parents and children...Banning such material may be counterproductive in removing these teachable opportunities.”"

I recall many discussions with the former residents of the back bedroom based on books they were reading. The did provide wonderful parenting moments. Some of the books I shared with my middle school students provided plenty of teachable moments as well.

This study is small in scale and should be replicated, but it is a boon to be able to point to some research that addresses directly the concerns of many who challenge and seek to ban books.
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