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What works?

Alfie Kohn shared this link on Twitter last week:

This will take you to an abstract of some recent research internationally examining predictors of reading achievement. One of the conclusions was this: "Enjoyment of reading in particular was a strong predictor at both individual and country levels." Let me repeat that: "Enjoyment of reading in particular was a strong predictor at both individual and country levels." ENJOYMENT. If ever we needed thjis statement, it is now as program after program erodes the enjoyment of reading in way too many classrooms.

This past week, a "Smart Brief" from NCLE, the National Center for Literacy Education, appeared in my Inbox.

smart brief ad

Why, I wondered was the NCLE sending me what is, in effect, an ad for a program guaranteed to boost scores on CCSS? Why are these ads on web sites associated with Ed Week, and other professional educational sites? It is the same thing I wonder when I see exhibit space for AR and other programs at professional conferences. Last year, the bags we received from IRA were emblazoned with logos of textbook publishers; the badge was courtesy of another program. I get that companies help defray costs of these conferences and events. However, I would rather pay more in terms of fees than have to hang something around my neck that produces something that will NEVER make a kid ENJOY a book.

Back to the research now. I wonder how many journalists will pick up this tidbit? Given all of the hue and cry about PISA and how we fail to stack up against the rest of the world, I wonder just how many of the news outlets will even mention this finding? My guess is that we will talk about it amongst ourselves.

Look this week at how #weneeddiversebooks has trended on Twitter and Facebook. Can we perhaps think about getting something like this to trend? #readingforenjoyment
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