professornana (professornana) wrote,

who can fill this void?

I was working at the computer, printing out itineraries for next week when I heard Katie Couric announce that we had lost Molly Ivins. As a Texan for more than 35 years, I counted her a sister. Who could resist reading Molly's commentaries and columns? Who could have survived "Shrub" all these years without her books (BUSHWHACKED is still one of my all time favorites). Not much on the local news shows, doggone them. I hope some station puts together a fitting tribute for such a talented writer and commentator. The BEST thing for those of you who do not know Molly Ivins' work is to get an audio version of one of her books. Just listening to her laconic, dry, Texas-twangy, sharp observations makes me laugh. Think Ann Richards with an even bigger attitude. Molly, we will miss you, sister.
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