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Two different pieces caught my eye last week. The first came from one of my former students (thanks, Jennifer!) who pointed me to a Salon article about comedian Louis CK who had been tweeting about his kids' test prep homework. I adore Lous CK: he is droll and dry, the type of humor I prefer. Here is the link to the article:

In a series of tweets, Louis CK shows how inane some of the test prep, aka drill-and-kill, is for kids and their parents. I love his reference to the tests associated with CCSS being a huge stressball for kids. I appreciate that he distinguishes his dislike of the test prep from the teachers whom he admires. I appreciate that he has witnessed the difference in the school pre and post CCSS implementation. Most of all I appreciate his willingness to share the workseets with us all. Too much of this goes unpublished. I waqnt to see the test itself. I hate that there is a cloak of secrecy around it all.

The second piece that appeared during the same week came from the NY Times which has largely heralded CCSS as the saving grace of the mediocrity that is education. You can read that here: What blew me away was that this was one of the only pieces I can recall of late that actually talked to KIDS, the ones enduring the endless test prep and the ones who will take the actual test. There is actually law not that limits the amount of test prep in NY (and in Texas apparently though that is not at all evident in the amount of test prep I have seen). But as long as VAM exists, there will be test prep.

Teaching to the test, even a "good" test (see the reference to the Regents Exams in NYC for instance), is not teaching.
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