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Yellow (and other colors) journalism

Well now USA TODAY has weighed in on CCSS. Here is the link to their "editorial": It bothers me that there is not a sole author attached, nor is there (as the paper itself suggests, an opposing viewpoint. The headline certainly grabs the attention: 'Common Core' demonized as Obamacore: Our view. Any criticism of CCSS apparently puts kids at risk. This is a common ploy of late used by Jeb Bush and others to basically quash challenges as either from Tea Party or by unions. And apparently neither of the two groups cares about kids. No mention is made of Krashen, Ravitch, Thomas, (me, too) and other scholars who have been critical for some time now. It is all about "political opportunism." Well, yes, there is some of that at play. Look at the 180 done by Jindal of Louisiana and other leaders who signed on to CCCSS early on. But, put that aside. Other concerns have been raised since the outset. The problem was USA TODAY could not make a lovely headline like today's from that.

Like many other supporters of CCSS, the newspaper talks about the fact that opponents are against critical thinking, higher standards, and achievement. And this editorial ends with this: "The new, professionally developed standards deserve a chance to prove their worth, not be sacrificed in yet another campaign of political demonization." Um, professionally developed? There in a nutshell is the problem: ignorance of how the standards were developed. Professionals in the lead? Not present. If USA TODAY cares about kids so much perhaps they need to send someone out to write that other op-ed to provide some balance. I doubt it will happen even though Krashen has already sent comments to them: Thanks you, Dr. Krashen, for pointing out the flaws in this op-ed piece that seems very much like "political opportunism" to me.
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