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reading aloud

Yesterday I posted the list of suggested read aloud titles sent by folks via Twitter and Facebook. (and I caught the typos and fixed them, too, in case anyone else noticed). Here are a few observations about said list.

1. Only a handful of books were mentioned more than once. Most titles were only suggested by one individual. This suggests to me that the choices we make for reading aloud are as individual and idiosyncratic as we are.

2. Instead of an individual title, some folks opted for the "any book by" or "all the books in this series." I listed those separately at the end of the individual titles. I think it is interesting that here there seemed to be more "repetition."

3. Titles ranged from picture books to YA novels. That means, I think, that reading aloud is taking place AFTER kids learn to read on their own. This makes me wildly happy. I know too many instances where reading aloud ends in elementary school. How sad to think kids do not get the chance to listen to good books after elementary school.

4. These titles accrued within 24 hours. No one seemed to have a tough time coming up with recommendations. This also makes me happy. It means teachers have "go-to" books. Some even mentioned reading favorites year after year.

5. I knew almost all the titles. The ones I did not know have been marked for reading ASAP. It will serve as a good check for me in terms of knowing some of the books that resonate with kids.

Thanks to everyone who sent titles. I intend to keep adding to this list as well as the list of authors for middle school and high school recommended over the past month. Anyone who wonders about the value of social networking should see these lists. The great brain is alive and well online.
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