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Words Words Words

Some disconnected observations today:

1. Saw an ad for the Word Whisperer. Of course, I already know the Book Whisperer, aka Donalyn Miller, so I wanted some more information. Basically, the WW is a pediatrician turned reading expert. I am thinking of a career change. Why not move from being a reading expert to a pediatrician? How hard could that be? I was once a child. I went to see the doctor. Seriously, I want to track down these folks and find out just why they believe they can advertise themselves as experts.

2. I found something in common with Ted Cruz! Calm down. Recently he declared that CCSS must go. I am on board with that totally. Not for the same reasons, of course, but the sentiment is one I can share.

3. A phrase from news this morning: "If you can't see it, you can't BE it." In a nutshell, this is why teachers need to be readers and writers. Kids need to see us read and write. Every day.

4. Headline proclaims that reading E-Books means losing out: Problems here: small sample (never mentioned how small); interactive books with widgets are not what all eBooks are; little mention of the data about comprehension. I hate to see this. Someone will pick this up, ignore all of the limitations and proclaim it fact.

Happy Wednesday!
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