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If you build it, they will come

Okay, it is a cheesy reference to FIELD OF DREAMS. But sometimes when we have these great ideas, we do pause and wonder: will anyone care? Donalyn Miller and I had been talking about our "roots" lately. No, not my gray hair roots, but the roots of the pedagogy that underpins what we do. It began with a discussion of Daniel Fader and then quickly grew spirited as titles, authors, and more began to fly back and forth. That was the birth of #bproots (best practices roots) the chat we had last Saturday. We selected Richard Allington's EVERY CHILD EVERY DAY:,-Every-Day.aspx.

Saturday arrived. Donalyn and I knew that we would talk even if no one else showed up. But if you build it, they WILL come. Here is the link to the Storify from that chat:

There is SO much wisdom here. I think I did little more than retweet posts from the participants. Donalyn and I will do this again in May. We are exploring some more of our #bproots. The reason? So many of our best practices have been marginalized by the reformers. For those of us in the "resistance," it is imperative to know that these best practices are rooted firmly in research. Good pedagogy is. So, thanks to those who joined in. We have much more to revisit.
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