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So much going on and so little sleep can make a disastrous combination as I posted something to YALSA-BK that was supposed to go to one person. If that is the worse I do, it's not all that bad. I am posting from the state English conference in Dallas which followed on the heels of ALA Midwinter. Thankfully, all I had to do today was wave from the audience. Tomorrow morning I have a keynote followed by an afternoon session. I am still obsessing over the slides for the Power Points and I am sure I have left out something I wanted to include.

In any event, here is a photo from the Quick Picks meeting where the temperature in the room fluctuated between menopausal and arctic. Can you guess which temp it was when I shot this photo of our leader, Sarah Couri?

On the plane Wednesday I read a galley called HOLD UP from Roaring Brook Press. I would love to tell you the author and show the cover but the book is at home and I am not. (The author is Terri Fields) However, I did enjoy the reading which tells of a hold up at a fast food restaurant from the point of view of some of the employees and the two young men who are robbing it. Fast read, short chapters. In short, a perfect QP nomination for the 2008 committee.

As I am writing this, there is a news report about a town in Texas that was going to penalize folks for saying the "n" word and has now let it go. Sheesh! Fun stuff. Followed by a survey on whether or not it is acceptable to drink while at your kids' play dates. Gotta love the news.

Oh, and in between flights I took a call from the assistant principal at Natalie's school who informed me that my lovely 14 year old (she of the Naked Reading habit) was involved in a tug of war with a classmate over a dispute about who owned the mullet wig in question.

What a week...............
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