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R-E-S-P-E-C-T: find out what it means to me

I was reading an aricle in School Library Journal about CCSS when this quote from Kent Williamson jumped out of me: "'About half our educators work in schools where a plan for standards implementation is shared with the staff.' However, 'far fewer than half of schools in CCSS states have purchased ‘standards-aligned’ materials and instructed teachers to use them.' Facing publishers’ vast offerings, 'It is far more common for educators to create their own materials and approaches,' says Williamson, though 'many don’t feel particularly well supported in doing so.” He adds that educators say their biggest challenge is changing their way of teaching, not the materials themselves.' For those of you who do not know, Kent Williamson is the Executive Director of NCTE.

I knnow what it is like to be misquoted or to have something taken out of context in an interview, believe me. It has happened to me on more than one occasion. I hope that is the case here because there is so much wrong with the preceding quote. Of course, there is much more to quibble about in the article. What WAS informational was how publishers have been pushed to ALIGN their books to CCSS (and remember I think alignment is for vehicles and mot for instruction or instructional materials). Here are just a few instances of where this piece goes wrong: references to standards as rigorous (standards themselves are not rigorous; nor are they new and improved like a laundry detergent); indications that teaching will be transformed as a result (good teaching will not be transformed as it already reflects excellent literacy practices); an editor is quoted as saying professors are filtering down CCSS by writing about it (PLEASE let that be an awful out of context misquote).

What is interesting is this graphic showing how publishers have gotten on board (read this as alignment to make $$$):

publishers and CCSS

I might have been a tad drowsy this afternoon after my 19 hour day yesterday. This piece woke me right up. It shows a tremendous lack of respect for teachers and education in general. My favorite bad line: “There’s nothing wrong with the Common Core..."
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