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The Wiz of News

This has been a long week already with meetings every evening and more meetings during the day. So when I woke after about 4 hours of sleep this morning, I was still in the office chair I had plopped into late last night after a lovely dinner with E. Lockhart courtesy of Random House. Psst: Emily's new book, WE WERE LIARS will be out in May. Order your copy now and thank me later.

In any event, I woke up as THE WIZ was in its last 30 minutes and Evilene was singing, "Don't nobody bring me no bad news." I switched to the local news after the movie ended and wanted to belt out the song again (but Scout was cuddling in my lap and I have missed him with the long office days of late). Nothing but shootings and near-shootings (THAT was an interesting story; someone ALMOST got shot), robberies, etc. Do you mean to tell me nothing else is newsworthy? How about having E Lockhart, Printz Honor Medalist, in the city? How about celebrating students (yes, I know, they celebrated a dance team going to a competition). I suspect the next time there is a story about schools, it will be about the ALMIGHTY STATE TESTS.

My equilibrium has been restored thanks to a handful of picture books read as my #bookaday before the next round of meetings. But, please, don't nobody bring me no bad news. OK?
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