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Patty Campbell wrote a column for Horn Book for years entitled THE SAND IN THE OYSTER. I loved her columns which ranged from censorship to awards to favorite books and all manner of topics related to YA literature. The title came from the tiny puiece of sand which the oyster coats over and over again to stop the irritation caused by the tiny grain of sand. Here are a few links to her work: (The Lit of Chick Lit) (Looking for YA Lit)

I mention Patty here because of a conversation with my friend and colleague and all-around-smart-woman Donalyn Miller this morning. I sometimes forget that because of my "experience" (old age), I know some things that have not been part of someone else's learning. Recelntly, we talked about Danile Fader (Hooked on Books). I thought of Patty as someone folks needed to know if they had somehow missed her wit and wisdom. And I pulled out some of the articles I read for Dick Abrahamson's seminar so many years ago about the best srticles about YA literature. G. Robert Carlsem, Bob Small, Dona Gallo, Bob Probst, Terry Ley, Ken Donelson, and so many more are still in folders. I go back and look at them for inspiration often

Today I read Richard Peck's THE GENTLE UNSHELVING OF A BOOK about his encounter with a woman who wanted one of his books (Father Figure) removed from the library shelves. I read it as I finished up my inaugural column on censorship for The ALAN Review. I just needed a bit of a boost, I guess, and who better to deliver it than the inimitable Mr. Peck?

How I wish I could have that seminar again, now. Look at pieces from EJ, Voices from the Middle, PW, SLJ, Horn Book, and other journals. Make note of the experienced voices who made way for the next generation and so on. Now if I can just get people who want to take the class so I can offer it...
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