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Musings about books and authors

I am working with a local high school principal who wants her teachers to establish classroom libraries. To that end, I posted a request to Facebook and to Twitter asking for those "must-have" titles and authors for high school. Responses flowed in. Some I already had on my list, one that I am preparing with Karin Perry. But there were quite a few authors whose names I had neglected to add. That is what I love about the power of my PLN: it is here to push me, to extend beyond my memory, to suggest something new or remind me of something older. I now have a list of 300 books and a spreadsheet of more than 80 authors. It is a good start for the classroom libraries, I think.

Here are the authors on my list. The list is one that will never be complete (and if you have read my postings about lists you know why this is not a static list) and the booklist we are developing will always be changing (and, again, you know why this list is ever-changing). Feel free to add to the author list in the comments here or drop me a note on Facebook or Twitter (@professornana). Do keep in mind this list contains authors of YA fiction and nonfiction. The classroom library should reflect contemporary authors (and this was also part of the request from the principal who requested the lists).

Authors for High School Classroom Libraries

Alexie, Sherman
Anderson, Laurie Halse
Anderson, M.T.
Asher, Jay
Beaudoin, Sean
Black, Holly
Block, Francesca Lia
Booth, Coe
Bray, Libba
Burgess, Melvin
Carter, Ally
Cashore, Kristin
Collins, Suzanne
Crutcher, Chris
Dashner, James
De la Pena, Matt
Deuker, Carl
Draper, Sharon
Duncan, Lois
Elkeles, Simone
Flake, Sharon
Freedman, Russell
Gaiman, Neil
Gantos, Jack
Giblin Jim
Gill, David
Going, K.L.
Gratz, Alan
Green, John
Green, Tim
Han, Jenny
Haskins, Jim
Hautman, Pete
Herbach, Geoff
Hicks, Faith Erin
Hopkins, Ellen
Janeczko, Paul
Hyde, Catherine Ryan
King, A S
Knowles, Jo
Korman, Gordon
Levithan, David
Lipsyte, Robert
Lockhart, E.
Lowry, Lois
Lu, Marie
Lyga, Barry
Lynch, Chris
Macker, Carolyn
Meyer, Marisa
Myers, Walter Dean
Myracle, Lauren
Ness, Patrick
Nye, Naomi Shihab
Oliver, Lauren
Paulsen, Gary
Pearson, Mary
Quick, Matthew
Revis, Beth
Roth, Veronica
Rowell, Rainbow
Saenz, Benjamin
Sanderson, Brandon
Scott, Elizabeth
Shusterman, Neal
Sitomer, Alan
Smith, Andrew
Sones, Sonya
Stiefvater, Maggie
Stone, Tanya Lee
Stork, Francisco
Taylor, Laina
Telegemier, Raina
Trueman, Terry
Vizzini, Ned
Volponi, Paul
Wasserman, Robin
Westerfeld, Scott
Wolff, Virginia
Woodson, Jackie
Woolston, Blanche
Yancey, Rick
Yang, Gene
Zusack, Markus
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