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Morning Joe versus education

As I was getting ready to head out to the office last week (Wednesday), I had MORNING JOE on in the background. I watched in slack-jawed awe as Eva Moscowitz began a segment on charter schools. You can see the video here: along with a "news" story about her appearance. Basically, with the personalities of MORNING JOE nodding in agreement, Moscowitz called the move by NY mayor De Blasio an action that would leave hundreds of kids without a school to attend (lie). Moscowitz also claimed that charters are essential because they operate in the poorest communities and give poor kids the education they need and deserve (well, her 3 schools educate fewer than 800 kids total, that's about 260 kids per school). The Morning Joe personalities were absolutely outraged and indignant that De Blasio cared so little about kids and the schools that actually worked (unlike the other thousands of schools in NY, apparently). It is a shame that Joe and Mika and the others have not done any real background work on the claims being made by Moscowitz and Kenney and the rest.

Thankfully, Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post has done her due diligence. See her response from an earlier Morning Joe segment about this same charter: I suspect Morning Joe would be unable to handle the TRUTH.

And so I am calling BS when I see it on Morning Joe (and the other MSNBC shows that also promulgate the lies. I am looking at you, Chris Hayes). I ask each and every one of you to do the same. A colleague recently remarked that she did not see a change in the climate of the discussion about education changing any time in the near future. I think as long as we permit the BS to continue unchecked, this is probably the case. But imagine if we can somehow turn the discussion to childhood poverty, to funds being spent on tests and not services to kids, on reformers who know nothing about education suddenly leading the efforts to "change" education? If we could direct the discussion, might there not be some changes we could put forth.

So, BS, Morning Joe. Stick with your March Madness brackets, your interviews of "stars," and your reading of the morning papers. Perhaps if public schools had board members from music and sports and other entertainment venues we might gain your attention. In the meantime, I respectfully ask you to DO YOUR HOMEWORK when it comes to education. It seems only fair.
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