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Got Issues?

ccss issues

Here is a nice summary of the issues surrounding CCSS.

I would add:

the fact that there is no pedagogical basis for them?
the fact that there is no research about how they are progressing?
the fact that the tests are developed by folks outside of the classroom, too?
the fact that some educators are cashing in on the backs of others?
the fact that they use the word "rigor" as some sort of way to denigrate any other standards?
the fact that they appear to have some journalists (print and broadcast) in their back pockets?
the fact that no one has defined what it means to be college and/or career ready?
the fact that it restricts the curriculum despite protests to the contrary?

And from this list, I would eliminate any mention of STEM as there is no credible evidence indicating we need more STEM folks. I would also eliminate the fact that teachers do not know the curriculum. I think they do know it. I think they have been covering it. I think the only confusion comes from how it is being "rolled out" from top down folks who seem to have the misunderstanding problem.
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