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Downright shameful

In case you might have missed this on the other social networks, here is a link to a 1 minute clip of an actual PD for Chicago teachers. I will warn you that your head might explode, so be forewarned before you watch:

I am afraid that if I were in that classroom I might have done several things:

1. Tweeted out a video.
2. Posted it to Facebook with commentary.
3. Refused to participate.
4. Found a supervisor and complained.
5. LEFT.

I have had to tolerate a few PD sessions that were beneath me, but there is not one that treated me with such total disregard. I wonder about the person presenting and what could possibly have made her believe that THIS is how you are to treat professionals (or ANYone for that matter)?

Now I think I need a marathon of sitcoms to wash this image away.
Tags: contempt, idiocy, pd
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