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ah airports!

Back into the friendly skies today to head to Dallas for our state English conference. I was president of this group eons ago and have now been asked to come back and give one of the keynotes along with my pal Kylene Beers and luminaries like Billy Collins. So, up in the air for 40 minutes and into a new hotel I go.

Yesterday on the flight back from Seattle, I completed two books. EGGS by Jerry Spinelli is a middle grade novel (bless you Mr. Spinelli) about a young boy named David who has lost his mother and an older girl named Primrose whose mother is a source of embarrassment to her. David rejects his grandmother's attempts to make connections as Primrose moves out of her mother's house and into an abandoned van. Somehow the two connect, becoming friends and sharing adventures. Along the way, each realizes that in order to move on, he and she must come to grips with mothers present and absent.

What I adore about this book is how Spinelli is able to bring together these two disparate kids in such realistic ways. David and Primrose's friendship is not a sudden miracle that heals them both; it is a slippery slope with many obstacles. It leads them to some new measure of awareness but not to complete awareness. David and Primrose still have a ways to go in life. However, each of them has found support by allowing others into their lives.

Great cover, short chapters, lots of action. This is a wonderful book to read aloud. However, take some time and read it yourself. It is due out this spring. Here is the cover:

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