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Back to those voices in my head

I wanted to do one final post about audiobooks (for now at least). I understand that audiobooks are not for everyone. Some folks have told me that audio in the car is too distracting to their driving. I get that. Better to concentrate on the driving. Others have said that they find it easier to drift away from the narrations and have to do some "rewinding." While I think that practice and patience might just address these two problems, I am never going to assert that everyone has to be an audio file. However, for those of you looking to read with your ears more, let me offer you some places to locate good recommendations about audiobooks (aside from the ones already mentioned in earlier posts).

1. The Odyssey Award

Not only does the site have the lists of winning titles and honor audiobooks since the inception of the award, you can read about the criteria under Policies and Procedures. Take a long look at the evaluative criteria/guidelines. They might serve as part of a lesson in how to read critically.

2. Amazing Audiobooks

This is a longer list of audiobooks for young adults. There is a Top Ten List, too, to help you narrow down should you like. There are 15 years of lists here.

3. Notable Children's Recordings

Looking for audiobooks for younger listeners? Here are lists of recordings for elementary kids up to 14 year olds. Best bet? Look for the overlaps among Odyssey, Amazing Audiobooks, and Notable Children's Recordings.

4. Audiofile

A free Webpass means you can explore the reviews and recommendations of this journal which includes titles for school aged listeners and adults as well. Check out the Earphones Award winners each month, too.

5. Booklist

While this is a subscriber online journal, you can access various blogs from this home page. Audiobooker by Mary Burkey will be an apt guide for you as you are developing your "ears."

I will return to this topic down the road. I want to talk about NF audiobooks and the special challenges they face when taking text into audio. In the meantime, you can enjoy audio in the car, on the jogging trail, around the house, and in your life.
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