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Books for the College Bound

YALSA has posted its new list for OUSTANDING BOOKS FOR THE COLLEGE BOUND. I adore this list because it actually recommends contemporary titles worthy of reading for college bound students.

From the website, this description:

"The books on this list offer opportunities to discover new ideas, and provide an introduction to the fascinating variety of subjects within an academic discipline. Readers will gain an understanding of our diverse world and build a foundation to deepen their response to that world. This list is developed every five years.

A YALSA committee of public, secondary school, and academic librarians selects the list. Revised every five years as a tool for several audiences (students preparing for college, educators, librarians, and parents) it offers opportunities for independent reading and lifelong learning. Use it to round out your reading as you prepare for college entrance exams and courses, to strengthen your knowledge in a variety of subject areas and enhance appreciation for different cultures and times."

Highlights from the list for Literature and Language Arts:

GOING BOVINE by Libba Bray will always have a special place in my heart as this is the book that won the Printz Award the year I served on the committee. I love this modern day reimagining of Don Quixote complete with its social commentary, a skewering of some of the things that nettle me and, I am sure, many others. CESSNB!

UNDER THE MESQUITE by Guadalupe Garcia McCall was a finalist for the Morris Award the year I had the privilege of serving on that committee. The author is a middle school ELA teacher in San Antonio, and her novel is verse is incredible in so many ways. The depth of emotional resonance is astonishing.

THRICE TOLD TALES by Catherine Lewis is a must read. Using "Three Blind Mice" as the focus, Lewis provides lots of writing advice. Immediately accessible.

NO CRYSTAL STAIR by Vaunda Michweaux Nelson uses primary resources to tell the story of the National Memorial African Bookstore in Harlem and Lewis Michaux's work to make this bookstore a place for discussion, study, and exchange of ideas.

AMERICAN BORN CHINESE by Gene Yang is the first GN to win a Printz. Yang skillfully weaves three separate stories into one in this incredible feat of storytelling.

All of the books on this list and the others should provide plenty of ideas for teachers across the disciplines.
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