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Hearts Open Wide

Valentine's Day marks the 41st anniversary of the first date with my now BH. It ended with a trip to the ER. Quite a memorable first date, I assure you. And an auspicious beginning to a courtship that would end with marriage within 3 months. Unexpected and wild and unruly and wonderful and aggravating. Is that not part and parcel of our relationships? It certainly is indicative of my relationship with books and reading. It is a wild romance, one made in heaven, but occasionally descending into that other place.

This week I have cried while reading a picture book. I have stopped an audio so that BH and I could talk about what we were listening to (and it turned out he thought the opposite of me, go figure!). I have reluctantly finished a book for a review (can you guess how enthusiastic my review was?) and am now racing through one book and lingering over another.

Truth is, people think that I love everything I read. I most decidedly do not. I do not write about those books as a general rule (why waste time and effort on a bad book?). I try to dwell on those books I can see in the hands of a reader. Any reader. Not all the books I read are instant classics. Sometimes they are just plain fun books. What is wrong with another book that makes me giggle or chuckle or even guffaw?

I have a poster that says "I was born with a TBR stack I will never finish." Yep, that's me. Today, I mailed two boxes of books and one small envelope off to new readers. I am weeding shelves as fast as I can and then ordering books and adding them back just as quickly (best buys this week: GO! BY CHIP KIDD AND 29 MYTHS ON THE SWINSTER PHARMACY BY LEMONY SNICKET). I have a love-love affair with books and sometimes more of a love-hate relationship with reading. I hate reading for a deadline (review due dates creep up on me not matter what I do). But deadlines also keep me honest and keep me reading. So, I am heading back to the recliner to finish the book whose review is due tomorrow. I already am composing the review in my head as I read (a good habit for those of us who have to hit deadlines for reviews). I will indulge in some chocolate to reward me when I am half and then 3/4 done with my reading. And then, tomorrow, after the review is on its way, I will crack open another book, this time one without a deadline.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. May you fall in love with a book today. And today might be a good day to read or order Penny Kitt;e's book love or BOOK LUST by Nancy Pearl. See what all the fuss is about.
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