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Last night we were connected via Twitter and Facebook commenting on the commentary from the Opening Ceremony. Snark reigned as Matt Lauer defined YOLO and the. Referred to the "flash cubes" lighting up the stadium. It was painful to listen to, but thanks to the social media, we laughed it off and shared thoughts.

Today, though, the connectedness was of a different nature. I met a middle school librarian for brunch. She had reached out to me asking for advice about pursuing a doctorate and perhaps publishing something she was working on. Brunch was much more than that as we shared ideas about working with teens, about motivating readers, about programming in the library. Despite the still chilly weather, I left bruch as she did: so happy to be able to connect and so enthused about the possibilities that working with kids presents.

What connects these two very different events: the opportunities that social media provides for us all. Today also permitted me to connect with teachers about all sorts of topics. For those who view social media as somehow more play than purpose, they do. Ot really know what they are missing.
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