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better late than never

Yesterday's post is coming at you this morning. There are some good reasons why it is late (really, I swear!. Yesterday began with a 3 hour workshop at TCTELA in Corpus Christi followed by a 5.5. hour dive home followed by unpacking and much petting of cats. Managing to write a blog post doing any of these events was impossible.

Observation #1: folks who stick around at a conference for a Sunday morning session (and Super Bowl Sunday to boot) despite the threat of weather are the folks I ALWAYS want at a session. The group was incredibly responsive. They did impromptu booktalks (thanks Donalyn Miller, Don Miller, Karin Perry, and Margaret Hale in particular). They spoke with incredible passion about important readers and important books in their lives. They shared. We laughed, gasped, even got teary. And they all went home with more books than they brought with them. One woman told me she had listened to Karin Perry talk about science fiction Saturday afternoon. Afterwards, she headed out to the local bookstore, bought 3 books, and had already read 1 of them.

What I think I loved the most was watching audience members taking screen shots of my slides with smart phones and ipads despite the fact that the entire presentation is online and downloadable ( Several people stayed after the three hours to ask questions, share ideas, and just generally chat. I signed a few sopies of my books (thanks, QEP) which still just makes me feel like a rock star. Then, BH and I loaded the car (minus the hundreds of books we brought and I had given away) and began the drive in 30 mph winds, fog, and rain back to the house. When we left Corpus, the temp was 56. Within an hour, the temp was 39. Winter was making a comeback, and doing it with a vengeneance. The good news is that traffic was light as folks were gathering for the Super Bowl. More good news, we made it home in time for 3/4 of the game and the commercials.

The cats insisted that my baby sister who doubles as my cat sitter had not fed them at all in 3 days (patently false). There was a great deal of treat-giving, petting, cuddling, and play as the game continued. I was still mulling over the presentation from the morning as it was something new I had put together (well, talking about books was not all that new). What needed tweaking? What had resonated? What seemed to need more background? I like the bare bones of this and think it will be one I revise and edit and tweak to do sometime down the road.

So, Monday is office day. It is time to do some other catching up (grading, email, etc.). The week ahead is a daunting one, but the warm memories of TCTELA will carry me along I believe. Happy February, everyone.
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