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So much to digest

Greetings from Corpus Christi, TX, where the Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (TCTELA) is in full swing. in addition to being able to present with Donalyn Miller, Karin Perry, and Cynthia Alaniz yesterday (wow, how lucky am I?), I had the chance to listen to some luminaries talk about books, reading, and learning.

The luncheon speakers were Walter Dean and Christopher Myers. Christopher joked about growing up surrounded by books ("Books were furniture in my house.") and authors (they were friends of my Pops; I did not see them as anything other than that) and talk. Walter Dean Myers spoke of visits to prisons where he and Christopher talk to incarcerated youth. He spoke of the need for books that speak to the heart and mond.

After lunch, we listened to Luis Valdez, a screen writer, director, and actor. He spoke eloquently about a wide range of topics. He reminded us that we should not be defined by our jobs but by our passions (and thankfully my job is part of my passion!). "The hole becomes the hungry mouth of creativity." This sentence struck such a chord in me. I am still swirling it around this morning.

It is wonderful to see friends and colleagues, to learn about new ideas, to listen to booktalks, and so much more.
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