professornana (professornana) wrote,

Encouraging conversations

Just a quick post today. I spent most of the day involved with a committee interviewing candidates for our college Dean. There was so much discussion about important topics in our field. But that was actually secondary to two other incidents from the day. One was a lovely and lengthy comment left on my blog post from 2 days ago (you can go back and see it) who thanked me for having a place for comments on my blog. Her "comment" deserves a blog post. It was so heartfelt. I am grateful that her voice found an outlet here. And then this morning, two of my Facebook colleagues had a lovely conversation using my post. One apologized for hijacking my post. I did not see it as a hijack. I loved that two colleagues took off on a simple post and went SO deep in their discussion. Social networks do this which is one reason why I love hanging out online.

Now to tie this back to my work today: there was talk about online courses, MOOCs, and other ways of reaching out to students in differnt ways. Full circle, right?
Tags: conversation, discussion, online
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