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Thanks owed to Donalyn Miller for a link to this blog: It reminded her of the story behind one of my other posts on complimentary coffee following some terrible service at a restaurant last year. And, of course, I see the connection as well. But I picked up on something else here. Here is the money quote for me: "Successful organizations often beat the competition by turning the buffet problem upside down. 'Let's make these the best mashed potatoes in town--who knows, next time, that guy out front will bring his friends.'"

Now I am not a huge fan of taking business ideas and applying them to education as you know. I do not view education as a business in any sense of the term. The problem with many of the reformers and reform movements is that they are trying to apply business practices and concepts to education, and the fit is poor. However, I am a huge proponent of "each one, teach one." If we create strong communities within our classrooms, how would that attract the attention of a teacher who perhaps has not bought in fully? Maybe there is someone out there who is not quite convinced about choice, workshop, classroom libraries, and more. Might not that person be the one we should bring to our next conference, workshop, etc? Perhaps we might pay for a membership to ALAN for a year (here is the link to the membership page: Think about the 3 journals they would receive smack full of information about YA literature: book reviews, articles, author voices. Suggest this individual get an Exhibit Pass (or gift it) for a nearby conference. Chaperone them through exhibits. Invite them into the classroom when you Skype with an author. Take their class along to the library for some booktalks.

Let's make the best classrooms we can and maybe another teacher will bring his friends along to see how to build community, how to sustain and support and encourage readers.
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