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(W)Ringing out the year

As this year winds down to its final days, I thought I would take a few moments to simply provide links to blogs and articles that discuss so much of the concerns many of us share about CCSS and its implementation.

1. Here is a link to Anthony Cody;s brilliant itemized list of things wrong with CCSS:

2. Grant Wiggins writes about how teacher evaluation should be conducted (and NOT conducted) in this post:

3. Here is an interesting piece from Canada about teachers asking for control over PD. We are not the only educators wrestling with this issue:

4. Here is a Wordle of the search terms used for locating info on CCSS:

CCSS wordle

5. And here is a Wordle from the project I am working on right now:

Wordle: response

Can you spot the differences?
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