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Today is a day to celebrate family, to exchange gifts, to attend church service, to eat way too much, to exult in the wonderful community of friends, to reflect back on the past celebrations of the holidays. I am so blessed. I thought that, instead of ranting about CCSS and all its idiocy, I would today post about the wonderful gifts this year has brought to me as a reader. This is NOT a best list of any sort. Instead, it is a hodgepodge of books this past year that provided me a laugh, a tear, a gasp: some small moment that was a gift authors give to readers.

If you have not read any one of these, spend some time during the break rectifying that.

Merry Christmas.

boy on porch
true blue scouts
fifth wave
far away
wild reading
14 fibs
not good idea
okey pokey
dust bowl'
two boyus kissing
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