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Disparaging what one cannot comprehend: a case of the fox and the grapes?

A recent post at the Fordham Institute site ( purports to discuss the debate about CCSS and its approach to reading. However, there is something much more simister afoot there, a sneering contempt and indictment of approaches that seem not to fit into CCSS' framework. The section I am referring to begins with the subhead: The Just Right Book and goes on to lambast this approach (and the writer targets Heinemann as the sole publisher of these which also seems harsh if not downright incorrect) as having "a truly dismal vision of reading instruction that prioritizes neither content nor complexity."

How dismissive. In other words, I should not even deign to look at these approaches because they are, in effect, void of meaning. I can hear the sneering issuing from the words on the screen. But for something that has no content, complexity, or value, the author does spend some time continuing on with her diatribe calling it: "the most egregious example of a content-free, text-neutral, skills-focused version of reading instruction." I am not certain why the author has elected to go after reading workshop, but she does so with a vengeneance. Her grasp of reading workshop and its underpinnings seems woefully inadequate as well.
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