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Illustrating the Problems

I enjoy this blog often as the author, Clyde Gaw, includes cartoons, info graphics, and text to show the many levels and layers of education de-form/reform. There are links to other blogs and organizations including BATS.

I am hopeful, when I read postings from other folks, that perhaps the word about CCSS is getting out there ahead of some of the giant PR machine they have built. Then, I see something like the promo ad "60 Minutes" did for the NSA and realize we have much more to do to change the tide in educational policy. So, from time to time, I will try to post links to other voices aside from mine. I am hoping we can create not just a cacophony but a symphony. To that end, here is a link to one person's response to the Arne Duncan comment about white suburban women and their consternation over discovering their darling children were not as smart as they believed them to be (and, really, where was the heartfelt apology for that comment which was wrong on every single level possible?): Here is the money quote: "The problem with the Common Core is that the conversation and its terms have been shared among the fewest of people. The Common Core standards are not the result of a national conversation. They are not the product of broad-based public agreement. They are the product of a well-funded, largely opaque process organized and managed by a tiny handful of people."

Let's make sure that the voices being raised in concern over CCSS are not from a "silent majority" to borrow a phrase from the past. We are becoming mired in press coverage, ad machines, and voices who have a national platform. Many of those who are getting the spotlight have less classroom experience than even the newest teachers in your school (5 weeks for the TFA folks). Lift YOUR voice. Talk about the great things you are doing. Tell parents. Tell administrators and school board members who might listen. Share ideas. Call out BS when you spot it. Become part of the symphony.
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