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Terry Trueman rocks Seattle

Despite the late hour, Terry Trueman drew a nice crowd for the USBBY meeting last night. After a brief business meeting, Terry regaled the audience with jokes about Rogaine (that I will not repeat here) and stories about his writing and his life. He read two absolutely moving letters from readers of STUCK IN NEUTRAL. We even persuaded him (arm twisting) to read a little from his forthcoming novel SEVEN DAYS AT THE HOT CORNER. It was more than worth the late hour to hear Trueman talk about his passion for writing and for Corvettes and for kids. And, of course, there was the requisite reference to his fellow writer, Chris Crutcher, who will be here for the FTR Foundation presentation tomorrow night at the Seattle PL.

Soon I am off to lunch with the inimitable Wendy Lamb. Right now, where is blue sky out the window here and a promise of rain to come later. Go ahead. I am in QP meetings all afternoon.
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