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Lexiles and levels and complexity, O MY!

Great article here about how exiles and levels and other formulae cannot ever capture the complexity of a text:

Here is my favorite part of the article (though I am thinking of laminating it and hanging it next to my computer): "The experience of reading is where unique reading intelligence intersects with a book. The meaning is formed by the reader communing with text. This meaning is unique to the individual and impossible to quantify. This is not math, but alchemy, and it is awesome."

This is why talking to someone else about a book is not about the "4 corners of the text." It is about how I felt, what I thought, and who I think might be someone who would also appreciate the book. Let's leave numbers to the mathematicians when it comes to books. Let's stop worrying about exiles and levels. Let us focus on reading as much as we can so we can better connect readers to books.

As I am finishing my reading for this year, I cannot believe the wealth of books that crossed by desk, that caught my eyes, that touched my heart.
Tags: idiocy, levels, lexiles
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