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Seattle, where the fog does not creep, it smothers....

I had the chance to be lazy this morning and do some work in my pjs. Fortunately, by the time I was dressed, the hotel was prepared to move me to a room that accommodates my roomie and me plus concierge privileges (see it pays to travel a lot and be nice to font desk staff). Then I headed to the Margaret Edwards Committee meeting where there was a total meeting of the minds. Stay tuned to the videocast (linked from the ALA web site) Monday morning to see who we selected as the 200 recipient. You will even see yours truly waving with the rest of this awesome committee from the press conference.

Now, I have a short break before going to the Terry Trueman USBBY session. I doubt I will blog this evening and perhaps not even in the morning as I have a am breakfast courtesy of HarperCollins. Stay tuned.
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