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ALAN Workshop Proposal Form

Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the
National Council of Teachers of English
2014 Workshop Breakout Session Proposal Form
24 & 25 November 2014
National Harbor, MD

The theme for the 2014 ALAN workshop is “Is the Sky the Limit? Using Teen Literature to Forge Connections in a World With Disappearing Boundaries”-- As our online media world gives us total access to everything all the time, what can we as teachers, writers, librarians, publishers, and students do to remain connected, make new connections, and use literature as a bridge between our respective worlds?

Breakout session proposals will be evaluated on the way they address the issues raised by the above topic and how they offer attendees food for thought, a lively discussion, and practical solutions to the issues and problems faced in the classroom and/or library. A wide range of approaches and topics is hoped for.

Please note: The 2014 ALAN workshop breakout sessions will not include authors. Authors interested in speaking at the workshop must submit their interest through their publisher. Breakout proposals that include authors will not be accepted.

Proposed Session Title: ___________________________________________________________________

Name of Session Chair: ____________________________________________________________________
Street Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Email Address: __________________________________________________________
Telephone Number: ____________________________________________________
Institutional Affiliation and Position: __________________________________________________
Presenter(s) for Session plus their affiliations: ______________________________________

Description and Purpose of Break-out Session
Submit proposal on separate page including target audience. Limit 250 words.

All applicants must be ALAN members.

Electronic submission should be sent to Proposals are due no later than midnight of Friday, January 17, 2014. Please include a phone number.
If proposals are not submitted electronically, please mail by Wednesday, Jan 15, 2014:
Walter M. Mayes, The Girls’ Middle School, 3400 W. Bayshore Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303. Please mark outside of envelope: ALAN Proposal
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