professornana (professornana) wrote,

Truly Grateful

I did not post a daily gratitude, but here is the wrap up for the month. And in no particular order.

1. Grateful for my job. I LOVE it.
2. Grateful for my BH who loves me even when I am incredibly unlovable.
3. Grateful for my sisters who love me and cheer me on.
4. Grateful for Cali and Natalie who have grown into such beautiful women.
5. Grateful for my colleagues who get me and let me be me.
6. Grateful for the lovely lake view from my porch.
7. Grateful for Scout who loves unconditionally, though loves me more when I have treats. He also makes me put down the technology and pay attention to him.
8. Grateful for the challenges given me that make me think and consider and learn.
9. Grateful for my friends on Facebook and Twitter that, even though we may never meet, offer succor and support.
10. Grateful for the platform I have to share my opinions (and I have many).
11. Grateful that there are people who do care about my opinions and who, even when they disagree, acknowledge my right to have different opinions.
12. Grateful for the incredible opportunities to travel and to meet colleagues from all over.
13. Grateful for the authors who craft stories that make me understand we are all connected.
14. Grateful for memories of those gone from my life but not and never forgotten.
15. Grateful for the faith that sustains me during dark times.
16. Grateful for the Nerdy Book Club for letting me be a part of their club.
17. Grateful for the chance to laugh with colleagues, friends, and family.
18. Grateful that my family continues to grow. Some are born into it and others elect to join it.
19. Grateful for technology that allow me to stay connected.
20. Grateful for pens and paper and the feel of pen running across the page.
21. Grateful that I am still able to do what I do but also that I can stop doing this soojjn and let others take over.
22. Grateful for Diet Coke and coffee when I need to wake up.
23. Grateful for those who protect and serve (sometimes invisibly).
24. Grateful that I ad the chance to say goodbye to some of those I have lost.
25. Grateful that I found time to list my gratitudes.
26. Grateful for trees, deer, nature nearby and along the way.
27. Grateful for surprise trips (Sweden!).
28. Grateful for continued chances to learn, learn, learn.
29. Grateful that this list is inexhaustible, really.
30. Grateful for chance encounters that lead to deeper conversations.

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