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GIVE thanks

Today we will head to a brunch at the Marriott in the Woodlands. For the past 25 years, I have come back from a week at NCTE and ALAN on the day before Thanksgiving. Early on, I would power through and actually cook a full turkey dinner. And then I found it was no longer a good idea to operate ovens and burners and wield knives while exhausted. Enter my gift of Thanksgiving. I give my family the gift of an exquisite brunch (with mimosas!) and then cook over the weekend. We GIVE thanks this way. We celebrate, we laugh, we reminisce.

And when I say family, I want to note that not everyone at brunch meets the strict definition of family. We are joined each year by people who have BECOME family. I am lucky enough to have many families: I have my SHSU family, my ALAN family, my YALSA family, and so many others. For this I am grateful (and my gratitude posting will be on November 30). When you gather today with your "family," think about how blessed you are. I know I will. And I will be unable to COUNT my blessings, they are that abundant. I know I miss some of them when they pass by, too. Only later will I stop in my tracks and reflect on a moment that sped past but was wonderful. The pat on the back, the smile in a meeting, the doe grazing by the side of the road. I give thanks for those moments, too. Like A S King, I send love to the passengers.

Love to all of you today and always.
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