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ALAN Day one

So, the boxes this year weighed about 60 pounds, folks. Then, there were the extras out on Exchange Tables. I gave away all but 4 books from my box. So did Karin Perry and Kylene Beers. But the books are ancillary. What counted were the authors. Jack Gantos gave us a history lesson when it comes to books and reading. Panels on fantasy, mystery, humor, dystopias, coming of age, graphic novels, and so much more followed. Included in the mix was Chris Crutcher who tackled questions submitted by ALAN members. The day ended with the presentation of the Walden Award shortlist and winner.

It is tough to make everyone happy when there are 400+ folks. But, despite the complaints about NOT getting the ONE book t=they wanted, most attendees were thrilled with the number of books. And the speakers. It is an embarrassment of riches. We are one of the best kept secrets, so I am letting you in on it now. Come to DC next year. Come the Monday of Thanksgiving week for the first day of ALAN. Stay for Tuesday (cuz I already know who will be the closing speaker and you do NOT want to miss it). This is where readers will be, where teachers who love YA books will be, where the BEST and brightest authors will be.

Come to ALAN.
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