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The Crone of NCTE

NCTE wrapped up yesterday afternoon. I NEVER made it to the exhibit hall due to my rather frenetic schedule of speaking. However, I did see folks packing into FedEx with suitases bulging with books. I am happy that teachers are taking books home, really I am. What makes me quite UNHAPPY though are the reports from colleagues and publishers about folks who acted like looters. People grabbed multiple copies of "free" books. They went under tables in booths and took books not even oout for distribution. They had rolling carts (which are NOT permitted on the exhibit floor) into which they were piling tons of books leaving nothing behind for others.

I wonder, dear friends, how these teachers (who noted slashed budgets as reqsons for grabbing all they could) would feel and respond if kids walked up to their desks in a classroom and took handfuls of books, pens, etc? How would YOU react and respond to this behavior? What if someone ran over your foot with their wheeled cart? What if you got the elbow to the gut because you were too close during the feeding frenzy?

I am happy to share the wealth of the books I receive. I gladly pass books along to others after I have read them. But I only take ONE book on a table and only if it is a book that is one I do not have but can use with my students. I do not grab as amny as I can and then post out how muc I managed to get.

These "free" books cost $$$$. The publishers are nice enough to share thme with us. We need to repay their largesse by behaving: take one book, say thank you. And do NOT sell the books later on eBay or elsewhere. Be mindful that ALL of our budgets have been slashed. Share. Select. Leave something behind for the next person.

Yes, this sounds like I am your mother. I am old enough to be moms to most of you. So, here is a gentle reminder. I could post photos of some of the looters (yes, I tool shots) but I will let you save some face here.

I will end with a story. Someone wrote me not long ago asking for books. Not just any books; she wanted specific titles and multiple copies. I did not have them, so I went on Amazon and ordered them shipped directly to her. I never have received a thank you for the books. It makes me much more wary about doing this again for someone I do not know personally. Manners, folks. Remember to pack them next time you head off to conference.
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