professornana (professornana) wrote,

a day in the life at NCTE

Friday at NCTE dawned before dawn. I washeading to go to the Heinemann celebration of Donald Graves. But I had lost my MIFI and needed to find some way of getting online. So I really started with my first session, one on censorship sponsored by the Standing Committee Against Censorship featuring ReLeah Lent and Joan Kaywell and me. Lots of good questions. Lots of resources shared.

Next, I had the pleasure to chair a session featuring Tobin Anderson, Rita Williams-Garcia, Gene Yang, and Monica Edinger. The room was SRO, so I need to pause here and plead to NCTE to find LARGER rooms. Who puts 4 authors in a room that holds 150 max? And not just any 4, these are National Book Award winners, Printz, Newbery, etc.

Nerdy Book Club presentation was next. Again, a small room with TONS of people. We adapted and made it work (but we should not have to do that).

I will write more later when I am not running from place to place. So much good is happening here.
Tags: ncte conference
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