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What Teachers Really Think

I have been dismayed by recents reports of teacher satisfaction with CCSS. Some surveys report three quarters of teachers have positive views about CCSS and its implementation. I have also written here about how misleading the statistics thrown around in the "news" stories can be. And I am happy to report that I now have even more proof, hard fact proof. Here at the NCTE Conference in Boston are many of the teachers impacted by CCSS and its clumsy and inept implementation. I spoke to several hundred of them last night about Mentor Texts. I made several comments about lexiles, rigor, text complexity, and the other idiocies of CCSS. My comments were not met with derision. Instead, they were met with cheers and laughter. As I spoke about books, teachers were ordering them from Amazon or making a list. When I asked participants to tweet me titles of their canonical texts (the books THEY held sacred), I can tell you that the range of titles was heartening. Certainly there were more titles tweeted than Exemplar Texts listed in CCSS. And many of them were written by authors still living.

I plan to continue to solicit input from the teachers, the ones reporters claim are on board with CCSS. I suspect I will see the truth here at the conference. Here are many of the best and brightest teachers out there. I think I will rely on THEIR comments, suggestions, ideas, and reflections. Seems to be that is a good place to start a conversation that includes actual TEACHERS.
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