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Day 1 of NCTE 13

Thursday at NCTE 13 was more hectic and crowded than ever it seems to me. There was standing room only in the Secondary Get Together where I had the chance to speak after Dr. Suzanne Lane. I was fascinated by her presentation and took copious notes that I hope make sense after the conference is over. I did my usual "yay for books" part talking about Mentor Texts this time (power point is here:

Then it was off to a dinner with Anne Ursu and Walden Pond Press. Wow! Several members of the Nerdy Book Club plus booksellers and experts (I am lookng at you, Anita Silvey) gathered to toast Anne on the success of THE REAL BOY, longlisted for the National Book Award. Anne is incredibly personable. A toast from Colby Sharp made her teary. A gift from Donalyn Miller delighted her and she circled the room showing off the painting.

Got the chance to see Jim Johnston and Dick Halle. Hugs from so many people. I love my NCTE family evenif I am beginning to feel like the crone of the conference as so many first time attendees look as though they are still in high school!

Today, I speak at the session on censorship and the Nerdy Book Club panel. I chair a panel of authors of historical fiction featuring Monica Edinger, Rita Williams-Garcia, Tobin Anderson, and Gene Yang. Dinner tonight with the vivacious Victoria Stapleton.

I was supposed to be at a breakfast this morning, but spent my time looking for an errant MiFi which is probably in the convention center somewhere. Need to head over to Verizon to pick up a replacement rather than paying $15 a day at the hotel. If you are here in Boston, I hope I run into you! Cheers!
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