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Doug Johnson Gets It, Too

I love Doug Johnson and often read his postings at his Blue Skunk Blog. Recently, he posted an entry entitled READING DESPITE SCHOOL, REVISITED. You can read the post here:

Citing Kelly Gallagher's READICIDE, Johnson recommends POWER OF READING by Krashen. I would add Penny Kittle's BOOK LOVE and Donalyn Miller's BOOK WHISPERER and READING IN THE WILD. Plus, Joan Kindig's CHOOSING TO READ and Steve Layne's IGNITING THE PASSION FOR READING. If I were an administrator interviewing ELAR teachers or school librarian candidates, I would ask what professional books guide their philosophy of reading and reading motivation. I would expect to hear some of these titles. I would also ask what books they have read recently (like in the last week, please) and which books they would recommend for _____ grade or for a ______ reader. Ask them to name a book on the current NYT Bestseller List for children or teens.

My friend and colleague Kylene Beers used to talk about opening up a school. We would talk about our dream faculty. Who would we invite to teach? If we could have anyone on the faculty and pay them top salaries, what would that faculty look like? It was a lovely exercise. But I wonder how we can create that faculty in ALL schools for ALL kids? Then the dream would be a wonderful reality. Then we would not have stats like this from the 2011 PEW INTERNET study.

Pew stats on adult reading
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