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Yeah, who's the genius here?

I recently read the GN, GENIUS. Here is the post from the blog where I talk about specific books I am reading (

GENIUS by Seagle and Kristiansen. First Second Books, 2013.

Physicist Ted Marx was a wunderkind, a true genius, one of whom great things was expected. Now that he has reached his 30s, though, things are not the way they were planned to be. His wife is ill; his father-in-law lives with the family; his kids are in the throes of adolescence. Worse still is the pressure on Ted at work to come up with something new or lose his job. Though written for a more adult audience, there is much here to appeal to mature teen readers.

As an aside, I will point out that the reading level of this book is 3rd grade. It is worth one point on an AR test. Just wanted everyone to see the idiotic nature of this type of formula when it comes to books.
Tags: ar, gn, idiocy
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