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Ready? Set! READ and go wild!

Today is the launch date for Donalyn Miller's READING IN THE WILD. In the interest of full disclosure, I want to note two things here:

First, I wrote the introduction to this book.


And second, I count Donalyn Miller as a treasured friend and colleague.


Okay, neither of these statements should preclude me from blogging bout this remarkable book, at least not for those of you who know me. Others have added their voices in praise of this book including Stephen Krashen, Ellin Keene, Chris Lehman, Penny Kittle, and Cris Tovani. So, I am joining some awfully good company when I give you TEN REASONS YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK.

1. Donalyn Miller talks about how to ensure our kids are not just schooltime and classroom readers. She tells you how to extend that love of reading beyond the four walls of your classroom.

2. She gives advice about how to engage readers based on her own extensive classroom experience. The anecdotes about actual students and events demonstrates her approach works.

3. In addition to her own experience, Donalyn draws from the experiences of "wild" readers who completed her survey. The survey is included in the book.

4. Books! Donalyn includes titles of books popular with her classes of kids.

5. Pages of reproducible forms. But more than that. Donalyn gives you the forms she uses but urges all of you to adapt and adopt what works for you.

6. Aside from concrete advice about what readers in the wild should be able to do, Donalyn discusses other essential items: curating a classroom library, talking to kids about books, and more.

7. Donalyn's VOICE is personal and practical.

8. Donalyn acknowledges the work of others in the field. The pedagogical basis for her classroom practice is here. She cites the work of Krashen, Gallagher, Kittle, etc.

9. I wrote the foreword. No seriously, this is a professional book that outlines the HOW TO as well as the WHY of a program involving books and reading.

10. Donalyn demonstrated in THE BOOK WHISPERER that she is dedicated to creating lifetime members of the reading club. READING IN THE WILD reinformces that spirit of dedication and will ensure we do not lose sight of the power of books and reading.
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